Behavioural Science

What is Behavioural Science?

Behavioural science utilises theory, insights and methods from Behavioural Economics, Cognitive, Social and Health Psychology.

Combined under the umbrella of behavioural science, these disciplines provide us with a comprehensive toolkit which can help us to understand why we behave the way we do and what are the key influencers on the decisions we make.

Behavioural science challenges our usual views about human behaviour. It asks us to consider the internal and external influences on behaviours.

How do we use Behavioural Science?

Behavioural Science brings rigour and discipline to intervention design, development, and evaluation. It uses explicit theories and models, which can underpin interventions, and provide a cumulative evidence base of what actually works.

Behavioural Scientists have valuable research and methodological skills, in some cases these can lead to new avenues for public health, such as the ability to use large datasets to inform practice.

Behavioural Scientists contribute quantitative and qualitative skills for evaluation, to understand what works, how it works, why and for whom. 

How can Behavioural Science help you? 

Behavioural Science is demonstrating it's utility in public health, as we now realise that preventable diseases often arise from behavioural and social factors and are underpinned by social and structural determinants.

Knowledge and skills from behavioural science should be mainstream in organisations which commission, design, deliver and evaluate public health interventions.

Behavioural Science is increasingly being embedded into public sector development, resulting in positive culture change. It is used across public services to generate low cost, evidence derived interventions to improve service outcomes.

It can help local organisations to enhance demand management, improve workplace wellbeing and enhance business performance and transformation.

How can The Behavioural Science Team UK Help you?

Using insights, we specialise in the design, implementation and evaluation of interventions which encourage people to make better choices for themselves and society. We recognise achieving sustained behaviour change can be a challenge, and that some populations are disadvantaged through health inequalities.

We have experience of working directly with people and populations whose behaviours arise from complex influences.

We work with organisations to spread the use of behavioural science.

We always put people at the heart of  what we do!