Services We Offer

We offer tailored services to suit your needs. All services are agreed with you following a consultation. We work with your organisation every step of the way, and leave a legacy of enhanced knowledge, skills and competence in behavioural science by working alongside you and sharing expertise wherever we can.

Workplace Wellbeing

We offer consultations and practical support to enable you to improve Workplace Wellbeing within your organisation 

This support can range from basic advice on development of your Wellbeing Strategy and Policies to a full systems approach. We can help with all the following important aspects of Workplace Wellbeing:

Health Interventions:          

Mental Health - e.g. Prevention and self management 

Musculoskeletal  - e.g. Prevention and self management 

Healthy Lifestyles - Health promotion and self management; Lifestyle change interventions (including alcohol, smoking, physical activity/sedentary behaviours, nutrition and hydration, sleep)

Organisational Enablers:   

Leadership and Management support - e.g. develop Organisational Wide Plan

Data and communications - e.g. Engaging with staff; Health Needs Assessment

Healthy working environment - e.g. Physical Infrastructure 

 We work alongside your HR team to develop a full action and implementation plan.

 Consultation and Support  to Third Sector Organisations

We offer support to provider organisations and budding new initiatives (CiCs) to help you to build your business case and demonstrate your Public Health and Social Value

 We also offer the following services which include:

Provide Customer/Service User Insights 

Design and delivery Advising on design and evidence-based interventions

Process evaluation - e.g. support you to demonstrate fidelity; improve recruitment and retention, and identify how you are having an effect 

Outcome Evaluation - to demonstrate your effectiveness 

Advice regarding governance

Advising on and facilitating community engagement events

Consultation for Public Sector Providers, Commissioners and Strategic Leads

We can provide a tailored menu of options

A tailored menu of options including:

Working with commissioners to ensure that behavioural science underpins health improvement services

Advising on service pathway redesign / transformation

Behavioural Systems Mapping to understand complex influences on behaviours

Behavioural analysis

Intervention design

Process and final evaluation

Application of behavioural insights to pain points and pinch points

Training Menu

We offer a wide range of training and workforce development workshops

The training and workforce development workshops we offer include:

Behavioural Science

Implementation of the Behaviour Change Wheel process

Motivational Interviewing

Basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Making Every Contact Count

Patient Activation (front line NHS and Social Care)

Corporate development coaching in Behavioural Insights application

How to design and evaluate a trial